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By September 29, 2016Free City Yoga, Press Release


Free Baltimore Yoga Celebrates Program’s Expansion Nationwide as Free City Yoga Delivering Studio Quality Yoga Instruction for Free

Getting amazing yoga instruction doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, thanks to the recently expanded Free City Yoga, it can be absolutely free.  Founded in Baltimore and now active in four cities, passion rather than profit-driven professional yoga classes are changing lives each and every day.

Baltimore, Maryland – September 29, 2016 – Yoga studios can certainly seem like just another business, structured to make a profit and marketing themselves quite aggressively.  All things that at times, seem to be in conflict with yoga’s roots and spirit.  Free Baltimore Yoga has stood against that drive offering quality, free yoga classes on the level of any professional studio.  The program has recently expanded beyond Baltimore as Free City Yoga to a very enthusiastic reception from both students and their communities.

“Our mission is to make studio-quality, passion-driven yoga classes available for everyone,” commented LA Finfinger, Founder of Free Baltimore Yoga and Free City Yoga.  “It’s really wonderful to see the program expand beyond Baltimore, and we know it’s going to be just as successful, if not more so, in all these new cities.”

According to Finfinger, Free City Yoga is now active and offering classes in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and Fort Collins, all with certified, trained, talented, and inspirational yoga teachers at the helm and all committed to delivering premium yoga instruction for free.  New cities are expected to join the Free City Yoga movement at a steady pace as the project grows.

LA Finfinger
Free City Yoga


Photos below by: Julie Hove Andersen